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My P.O.V

Today was the first day of the new school. Oh pure joy (Note the sarcasm)!

The only reason I moved here is because I finally gave up and got sick of almost everyone in my old school bullying me day after day.

Both mentally and physically.

I sighed as the tall brick building came into view. Of course, I had to walk several blocks to get here, so I was obviously going to be late.

The school looked old, but the inside looked warm and welcoming. I made my way to the general office to get my schedule, locker number and its combination. I took a step inside the office and was greeted by a smiling face.

"Oh, hello dear! How may I help you?" I gave a little smile. "I'm new here..." I said quietly. I was rather shy, but, its obvious to know why.

The shot lady nodded with a smile plastered across her face. "Alright! Name please?" She asked glancing up from a new looking computer. "Zara Ellens..." I whispered, shifting my fringe slightly from my eye (despite my fringe being naturally parted to each side it still gets in my way). "Okay, heres your schedule and locker information!" She chirped happily. I nodded.

"O-Okay, how do I get to my classroom?" I asked sheepishly. "Oh, down the hall and make a right! Have a nice day~!" She said, smiling. Maybe this school will be better than the other... I though glumly.

I made my way to my classroom, looking at my schedule. "Room 119... here goes nothing.." I said, taking a deep breath, opening the door. "H-hi..." I stuttered, awkwardly walking in the classroom. The teacher cleared her throat. "Reason your late?" She asked.

"I'm uh n-new here.." I whispered, feeling rather nervous and embarrassed. I could feel someone's gaze burning through my side. "And a name I may address you by?" "Uhm... Z-Zara..."  I whispered.

Damnit, Zara, you have to get over your shyness! I yelled at myself in my mind.

"Alright, find a seat please."

I took a deep breath, spinning on my heel, while staring at the ground. I found myself a seat next to a really cute boy. I looked at him, making eye contact, then instantly turned away, blushing madly.

I payed no attention to whatever the teacher was saying, except caught something about doing a project and that we had to have a partner.

I knew instantly who I was going to chose.


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We all want that one Gay roommate...

"Kick her in the balls" ~ Advice from Wallace Wells

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